Is My Pet Normal?

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Our pets sometimes do silly things that make us crack up at their expense. Keeping us amused is part of the reason why we love them so much. But has your animal ever done something so strange you wondered to yourself if something is wrong? Here are some common traits your animal might show that could have you asking “Is my pet normal?”.

Tail Chasing: Completely normal. Most dogs or cats that you see chasing their tails are puppies or kittens. This is a way of them exploring their bodies such as a baby grabbing their toes. The only reason this would become an issue is if they are doing it constantly and making themselves sick. 

Crotch Sniffing: Not polite, but normal. Just as dogs sniff each other’s crotch areas they sometimes like to do it with humans as well. They gather a lot of information about an individual by checking out down there. While there is nothing wrong with your pet in doing this, it can be very unpleasant. Properly training your dog can relieve you of this issue. 

Scooting. Depends on amount. Dogs sometimes drag their bottoms across the ground after using the restroom which is just fine. If they are doing it a lot it could mean a problem with their anal glands so a vet should be consulted. 

Eating grass. Okay in moderation. Both dogs and cats enjoy munching on some greens every now and again. Having grass, sticks, and dirt occasionally is fine but if your pet is binge eating in the back yard it could mean stomach issues and should be checked out by your vet. 

Rolling in trash. Gross but normal. It is not completely understood why dogs enjoy the feel of stinky trash on their back but there are some theories. It is said that having a bad odor will cover up their natural smell giving less warning to prey. Personally, I kind of think a dog’s idea of what smells ‘good’ is almost 180 degrees opposed to what we think smells ‘good’, unless it’s food, then we seem to agree 100%. You can attempt to train your dog to steer clear of stinky stuff but chances are you are just going to have to give Fido a bath. 

 Paw licking. Depends on how often. Cats and dogs both groom themselves by licking. If you see your pet spending too much time licking their paws it could mean they have been injured or have some sort of skin allergy. In this case you want to take them in for a visit with the vet. Animals can also develop compulsive behaviors related to grooming that seem to soothe them when they are anxious, much like a person who plays with their hair, chews their fingernails or cracks their knuckles when they are nervous. 

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