Halloween safety for your Pet

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Halloween is a fun time for children to get dressed up and get bags of candy. However, it can be a terrifying or dangerous time for your pet. Here are a few things you can do to help your pet through Halloween. Please be mindful and cautious with your animals and have a very spook-filled Halloween.

 Give your pet a hiding spot. Make sure you set up an area for those anxious pets. When children    come to the door in costumes, it might frighten your pet. Good hiding places are bedrooms, bathrooms or any closed off area. Make sure to give them their favorite toys, food and water.

Keep candy away from your pets! Most candy that you get from trick-or-treating can be dangerous to your pets. The ingredients can cause problems for animals. In some cases, candy can be fatal to animals, especially ones that include chocolate. It’s best to proceed with caution when dealing with Halloween candy.

Choose costumes wisely. If you plan to put a costume on your pet, make sure it fits properly. Make sure it is comfortable and that doesn’t have any pieces that can easily be chewed off and/or doesn’t interfere with your pet’s sight, hearing, breathing, opening its mouth, or moving. Take time to get your pet used to the costume before Halloween, and never leave your pet unsupervised while they are wearing a costume.

Don’t leave pets out in the yard on Halloween. Vicious pranksters have been known to tease, injure, steal, and even kill pets on Halloween night. Black cats are especially at risk from pranks or other cruelty-related incidents. In fact, many shelters do not adopt out black cats during the month of October as a safety precaution. Make sure your black cats are safely housed indoors around Halloween.

Keep Halloween plants such as pumpkins and corn out of reach. While small amounts of corn and pumpkin can be fed safely to many pets. Ingesting uncooked, potentially moldy Halloween pumpkins or corn displays can cause big problems. Gastrointestinal upset is a possibility whenever pets eat something they aren’t used to, and intestinal blockage can occur if large pieces are swallowed.

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