Springtime fun with your pets

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As it gets warmer outside there are more things to do with your pets outside.  Getting out in the fresh air and sunlight is good for everyone.

Take your dogs for an extra long walk or a fun trip to the park.  There are even some places that have “pup cups” or little treats for the doggies.  Places like Starbucks or some ice cream stores have special yummies for our canine family members.

You can even consider taking your cats out with you.  Training them on a harness or a cat-carrying backpack will help them feel more comfortable about going out.  When beginning training, go slow and make sure the cat doesn’t get too stressed.

You can even take your reptiles out to play in the yard.  Just make sure the grass has not been treated with any chemicals.  The reptiles are especially appreciative of direct full spectrum sunlight.  The lamps that we use have UV-A and UV-B, but true sunlight is a great idea.  Just make sure to keep track of them so they don’t get out of your yard.

If you decide to take birds outside, I would keep them in a cage even if their wings are trimmed.  If a breeze catches their wings, even trimmed, they can get lift and potentially get away from you.

No matter what you decide to do, keep it safe and fun.  

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