At Great Basin Wildlife Rescue rehabilitation is a managed process where displaced, sick, injured or orphaned wild animals regain the health and skills they require to function normally and live self-sufficiently. This may sound simple, but requires a challenging and staggering amount of coordinated effort. This can require capture, transport, assessment, examination, treatment, medical and physical therapy, feeding, cleaning, watching, teaching, and the preparation of the animal for safe release.

Great Basin Wildlife Rescue focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of birds of prey, and black bear cubs, with emphasis on sensitive and endangered species. Patty Richardson, our wildlife rehabilitation specialist, along with dedicated volunteers like Dr. Eric Hansen work to treat injured or orphaned wild animals and release them back to their natural habitat. All services provided by Great Basin Wildlife Rescue are free of charge, although donations are deeply and gratefully accepted. This is all non-profit and completely supported by private donations.

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