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A Caring Vet is proud to serve the Lindon, UT area for everything pet-related. Our veterinary clinic and animal hospital is run by Dr. Eric Hansen, who is a licensed, experienced Lindon veterinarian.

Our team is committed to educating our clients in how to keep your pets healthy year-round, with good nutrition and exercise. A Caring Vet stays on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and above all, remembers that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery.


Dr. Eric Hansen


What consistently helps me get up and come into work each day and helps restore the smile to my face when things get hard, is the special relationship people and their animals can have together. I love helping our clients build and strengthen the bond they feel between themselves and their pets. When I can restore a pet’s health, and keep it running and playing with its family, then watch the light and joy in the eyes of that pet when it sees or hears its person it brings a warm feeling to my heart and a smile to my face. I love hearing the stories from our clients about the funny, endearing and often crazy things their pets do. Veterinarians call this The Human-Animal Bond, or just The Bond. As a veterinarian, I am eternally grateful that I get to be a guardian of that bond.

Dr. Fairbanks


Dr. Fairbanks grew up in Provo, Utah, and has always loved animals. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Bioveterinary Science in 2004. In 2005 she attended Veterinary Medical School at Washington State University. She was the only US student chosen each year for an externship in Bangkok, Thailand, and had the opportunity to work on many exotics including tigers, crocodiles, and elephants. She graduated from WSU in 2009.

After graduation, she completed her small animal medicine and surgical internship at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego, California. She was awarded the Intern of the Year distinction for her hard work and dedication to the program.

In 2010 she moved closer to the mountains and her family in her hometown of Provo, Utah, and soon joined the team at A Caring Vet.

Dr. Fairbanks shares her life with her husband Howard, their four children, and their cute cat. She enjoys hiking, running, reading, and is an avid photographer.

Dr. Fairbanks has a particular interest in internal care and pain management, as well as soft tissue surgery, and geriatric care.

Dr. Karen Peacock


Dr. Karen Peacock is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. She and her husband fell in love with Utah and moved West a few years ago. She graduated from Purdue University in 1996 with an emphasis on general practice as well as exotic and zoo animals. While she was still in Indiana, she was the attending vet for a small park zoo and will sometimes fill in for the vets here at the Hogle Zoo.

She shares her home with her husband, mother in law, and their two pugs, Jade and Mako. For time away from work she enjoys things like crafts and geeky adventures such as making costumes and attending conventions like FanX.

Dr. Peacock enjoys the daily interaction with people and their pets. The human-animal bond is a very strong force and she does what she can to help nurture this connection.

Dr. Alfred LiVecchi


Dr. LiVecchi graduated in 2005 from the University of Wisconsin. He then completed an ER/Critical Care Internship at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland Oregon in 2006.
He has experience working with exotics throughout his career, and is excited to work with all the exotics that come through our door.
Dr. LiVecchi enjoys working with all types of animals, although he considers himself to be a cat person. He currently has three cats, three dogs, and three parrots with his partner Dawn.
He has a passion for surgery - soft tissue and dentistry, which occupies most of his time here at our clinic.
He enjoys hiking, camping, world traveling, woodworking, making improvements on his old house, gardening and cooking.

Practice Manager

Tracey Whitehead

Practice Manager

Tracey has worked at A Caring Vet for over 7 years as our Office Manager. Tracey is married to the love of her life, Eric. She has three children and loves animals, except snakes. Tracey has trained service dogs, and loves it. When Tracey is not at work she loves to go camping, crafting, and enjoys Nerf dart wars with her family.

Lead Veterinary Nurses

Brooklyn Christensen

Veterinary Nurse

Brooklyn has been working as a Veterinary Technician for 6 years and is planning to attend Utah Valley University in the fall with the goal to become a Veterinarian.
Brooklyn loves all animals, especially reptiles and dogs. She has 2 dogs, 2 chinchillas, and 2 turtles. When Brooklyn is not working she loves spending time with her husband Caden, riding horses, four-wheeling, and being with her pets and family.

Ami Zeltner

Veterinary Nurse

Ami is a San Diego native that moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University. She did research on dairy cows for BYU which grew her love for slobbery cow snuggles! She loves connecting with and comforting owners of diabetic patients since she struggled with the diagnosis of her own dog. Her favorite animals are dogs, guinea pigs, bearded dragons, chinchillas, and any other animal that is ready to cuddle! She lives with her sister, Lindsey, and their labrador-Dalmation mix, Truffle. Ami is also working on constructing a custom enclosure so she can adopt and spoil a bearded dragon.
She loves fear-free practices in her clinic, which is why she loves working at A Caring Vet with people who are continually striving towards the least stressful environment possible. Ami loves working in a clinic that sees exotic animals because every day is different and exciting, there are always new things to learn, and cool pets and owners to meet! Above all else, Ami loves her job because of her fantastic coworkers that laugh with her, cry with her, and grow with her.

Veterinary Nurses

Erika Matthews

Veterinary Nurse

Erika is from Stansbury Park Utah. She loves hiking, sports, and anything outside. She recently married her husband, Clay, who is her favorite human. She loves spending time with her kitten Fred, and her crested gecko Kujo.
She has always loved working with animals, and decided a long time ago to devote her life to them. She graduated from Utah Valley University last Spring with a Bachelor's in Biology. She has spent years volunteering at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and loved it. Aquatic life is her favorite, and she hopes to return to the aquarium someday. Animals are all so unique, Erika loves spending every day being amazed by them.

Heidi Roberts

Veterinary Nurse

Heidi has been a veterinary technician for 6 years. She started by working as a receptionist at a small clinic in Ogden and soon switched to the medical side and found her life's passion! On her off time she can be found running around all parts of Utah with her 4 kids and pup Guiseppe. Heidi also has her own collection of tarantulas that she adores!

Veterinary Assistants

Maria Magistro

Veterinary Assistant

Growing up, Maria has always had a great love for animals. She's so glad she can apply her love for them by helping heal them. Seeing these animals get better is what makes her love her job. At work, the thing she enjoys seeing the most is a pet coming in a second time, looking healthier or feeling better than they were before.
Maria currently owns a Yorkie named June, and a rabbit named Momo that she rescued from our clinic!

Georgia Whitehead

Veterinary Assistant

Georgia is currently a student at Utah Valley University, hoping to graduate and be an EMT someday!
Georgia is from Lindon and has grown up constantly around animals. She is excited to learn more about medicine in the clinic she has been a part of since it opened in 2010.
In her free time, Georgia loves riding horses and four wheeling.

Rachel Harvey

Veterinary Assistant

Rachel is from Los Angeles and moved to Utah 4 years ago to study Biology at Brigham Young University. She has always loved working with animals and is planning to start veterinary school next fall. She has been working in clinics and animal shelters for several years. She especially loves working with exotic pets since she has had pet rabbits and snakes for most of her life. When she isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her cat Stitch, doing embroidery, and watching movies.
She loves working with animals because it doesn’t feel like work. Working with animals has always been her passion and she loves spending time with them.

Lexie Jensen

Veterinary Assistant

Lexie has been working with animals since a very young age and has always known shes wanted to work in the veterinary field. Having a background with mostly livestock and equine, she wanted to expand to small animal and exotic care. Lexie is currently attending Broadview University to become a certified veterinary technician.

Lexie spends her spare time going on hikes, camping, painting, and riding horses. Currently she owns two dogs, Lovey and Boone, as well as two horses, Frenchy and Ripley. In the future she hopes to run an equine training facility and a small Scottish Highland cattle farm, she really loves cows!

Customer Service Representatives

Mandi Thorne

Office Manager

Mandi Thorne's interests include animals, photography, and interior design. She loves spending time with her three children and two fur babies. She grew up in Orem and graduated from Orem High in 1997. She then attended UVU and became an EMT where she spent most of her time working in the emergency room. Mandi has been working in the medical field for over 20 years now. She also enjoys helping others through volunteer work and loves getting involved in the community.

Kaylee Rigby

Customer Service Representative

Kaylee has had a passion for animals her entire life. She is currently the mother of a Bengal cat, two Russian tortoises, and two lovely dogs.
Her mission in life is to help save animals by being able to fund animal shelters and emergency veterinary clinics.
She cannot wait to expand her fur family and to help care for and expand yours.

Kayla Hansen

Customer Service Representative

Kennel Technicians

Gabbie Greer

Kennel Technician

Ever since Gabbie was young she has always loved spending time with and learning about animals. She is currently attending Utah Valley University to get her Bachelor’s in Biology. In high school she rode horses at a local farm and currently loves spending time with her dog, Misha. She loves coming into work and learning something new everyday!

Isaac Yeates

Lab Technician

Isaac Yeates grew up in Hooper, Utah. Being from a family of six boys, he has had his share of adventures. He has always been an animal lover. When he was 14 he rushed a duck to the Vet who had swallowed a fish hook. He just couldn’t stand the thought of it suffering. His pets have included chickens, fish and dogs. He has always been service oriented. On his days off he likes to ride horses, helping his brother round up cattle. He loves teaching music, fish, hike, camp, ride bikes, skate, water sports and playing at the park with his Yorkie poodle Gerald aka The Homie.

Shylo Anderton

Kennel Technician

Shylo is from Blackfoot, Idaho where she had plenty of experiences with animals growing up, including riding horses competitively for years. She has wanted to work with animals since she was 5 years old. She has always grown up with animals and currently has two cats and a dog. She recently worked at an animal shelter that solidified her love of animals and working with them and is excited to enter the world of veterinary medicine!

Sable Fernstrom

Veterinary Assistant

Since a Sable was a kid she has loved animals and wanted to be a vet when she grew up. Working here has been a dream, it doesn’t even feel like work because she loves it so much. But when she’s not at work she loves spending time with her friends and family. She also has two dogs of her own that she loves very much, named Cinder and Crush!

Colten Winward

Kennel Technician

Colten grew up in a small town in Idaho where his love for animals began while raising pigs, steers, dogs, and horses. He would bring home all sorts of little creatures to make his “pets." Colten is currently attending Brigham Young University to receive his undergrad in biology in preparation for veterinary school. Colten says his favorite part of his job is seeing how happy all the animals are to come in and meet new friends!

Clinic Mascots


Clinic Mascot

Tyson came to A Caring Vet as a small puppy because he has a cleft palette. He was adopted by our Practice Manager, Tracey, who brings him in to work with her every day! Tyson got his name because when he came to us he was a perfect, golden, chicken nugget. His favorite activities include: learning new tricks, eating snackos, wagging his tail so hard it wiggles his butt, licking faces, and making new friends!


Clinic Mascot

Mimzy became a clinic mascot back in 2016 when his owner brought him in for a urinary blockage but could not care for him. We took Mimzy in, unblocked him, and he has happily lived in our clinic since! Mimzy can usually be found somewhere in the lobby or at the reception desk since he loves getting scratchies from any and everyone! Mimzy loves sleeping in boxes, laying on staff members' chests, catnip, smelling carriers that belong to the lady kitties, and playing with his sister Cece! He is a very chill kitty!


Clinic Mascot

Cece first came to us in 2017 as a tiny kitten with a deformed leg. We amputated that leg and she has lived here ever since! Cece is a little more timid than her brother Mimzy so she remains elusive to most of our clients. Her favorite spots are in the drawer where we keep drug reference books and on the counter in front of our pharmacy computer so staff will stop to give her love all day. Cece will run her hardest when she hears a can of cat food being opened- she loves food more than anything! She also enjoys batting pens and papers off counters, getting scratched above her tail and where her arm was amputated, and playing with lasers or chasing toys. If you have the chance to see our beautiful Cece while in our hospital, take advantage of the rarity and give her some love!

St. Bernard

Clinic Mascot

Bernard is a chinchilla that we started treating from a local pet store. He had an infection that was having difficulty clearing up, and so he came and joined his littermate Dante that we had adopted for the same reason only a few months prior! St. Bernard got his name from Dante's Inferno since his brother was named Dante, but mostly we just call him Bernard. Bernard is more timid than Dante and will only take treats from people he knows. His favorite treats are sunflower seeds and he gets very excited for his dust baths! Bernard and Dante live in our lobby so our clients can watch them eat and sleep and be their cute selves!


Clinic Mascot

Dante is a chinchilla that became a clinic mascot when he came to us from a local pet store with an abscess. After we had drained it twice, the pet store surrendered him to us and we were able to clear up his infection! Just a few months later, his littermate Bernard came to join us. Dante was named after Dante's Inferno, and his brother's full name is St. Bernard, who is another character from the same book. Dante loves treats and will take them from most people! If you would like to give him a treat, please ask a staff member and we will help you offer him an appropriate chinchilla treat. Dante's favorite treat is raisins and he is a pretty unique chinchilla in that he likes to wander the clinic in his ball! Bernard and Dante live in our lobby so our clients can watch them eat and sleep and be their cute selves!