• Mar 11 2019

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    Springtime fun with your pets

    As it gets warmer outside there are more things to do with your pets outside.  Getting out in the fresh air and sunlight is good for everyone. Take your dogs…

  • Feb 11 2019

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    Some of my favorite things

    There are a few things that I really like that are in the category of “nutraceuticals” or over the counter vitamins or supplements.  These have beneficial actions and I have…

  • Jan 14 2019

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    New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

    A lot of people think about making resolutions for themselves at the beginning of the year.  I have some ideas that you could think about for our pets. Brushing teeth:…

  • Dec 24 2018

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    Avoiding Pet Scams and ‘Puppy Mills’

    Just search online for ‘Puppy Scams’ and you will begin to understand how big the problem is.  The Better Business Bureau maintains a webpage about avoiding pet scams;  …

  • Dec 10 2018

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    Holiday traveling with your pet

    This time of year, a lot of people are traveling to visit family or to go on vacation over the holidays.  Here are some things to consider when taking your…

  • Nov 26 2018

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    FDA approved drugs for veterinary use vs off label drugs, with an introduction to Semintra

    My clients are often surprised when I tell them they can pick up prescriptions for their pet at their local pharmacy.  They usually ask where the ‘pet’ pharmacy is, or…

  • Nov 12 2018

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    Post-Thanksgiving Pancreatitis

    A lot of our time the day or two after Thanksgiving is spent with patients that ate something they should not have eaten.  This can come from dogs getting into…

  • Nov 05 2018

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    Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety in dogs typically includes one or more signs of destructiveness, excessive vocalization and house soiling when the pet is separated from the owner. These signs occur immediately following…

  • Oct 22 2018

    Why I became a veterinarian, how I did it, and why I love what I do

    You may recognize the quilt behind me in the image above.  It hangs in our lobby.  My wife made it.  it reads ‘All creatures great and small, the Lord God…

  • Oct 15 2018

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    Halloween safety for your Pet

    Halloween is a fun time for children to get dressed up and get bags of candy. However, it can be a terrifying or dangerous time for your pet. Here are…