• Oct 08 2018

    Pets in Costume

    One of the joys of my life is to see my two pugs in cute outfits.  I have a collection of dresses, jackets, shirts, and Halloween costumes for them.  Granted,…

  • Oct 04 2018

    I was a Client Before I was Office Manger

    My name is Tracey. This is my story of how I was a client and became an employee of A Caring Vet. Seven years ago my dog Harley had to…

  • Oct 01 2018

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    Over a decade as a vet tech

    This is my story of how I became a veterinary technician over a decade ago. My love for animals has always been there, from my very first memories until now….

  • Sep 24 2018

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    Is My Pet Normal?

    Our pets sometimes do silly things that make us crack up at their expense. Keeping us amused is part of the reason why we love them so much. But has…

  • Sep 10 2018

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    A look into going to vet school

    Twenty-six years ago, I started veterinary school at Purdue University in Indiana.  It was such a daunting adventure to say the least.  I would spend the next four years learning…

  • Sep 03 2018

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    Hyperthermia or Heat Stroke

    Hyperthermia is where the body temperature is above the accepted normal range. A normal temperature for cats and dogs is between 100.5-101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A high temperature can be caused…

  • Aug 27 2018

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    7 of the most common medical emergencies for your pet, and what to do about them

    Your pet is a living, breathing member of your family. Your dedication makes it heart-breaking to see your buddy suffer. This is especially true when you’re really worried that the…