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  • New Year's Resolutions for Pets
    A lot of people think about making resolutions for themselves at the beginning of the year.  I have some ideas that you could think about for our pets. Brushing teeth: Dental Read more
  • Avoiding Pet Scams and 'Puppy Mills'
    How to avoid puppy scams and pet mills, and what to do if you find one. Read more
  • Holiday traveling with your pet
    This time of year, a lot of people are traveling to visit family or to go on vacation over the holidays.  Here are some things to consider when taking your Read more
  • FDA approved drugs for veterinary use vs off label drugs, with an introduction to Semintra
    Dr. Hansen briefly reviews how drugs used in veterinary medicine are approved and what that means Read more
  • Post-Thanksgiving Pancreatitis
    A lot of our time the day or two after Thanksgiving is spent with patients that ate something they should not have eaten.  This can come from dogs getting into Read more
  • Separation Anxiety
    Separation anxiety in dogs typically includes one or more signs of destructiveness, excessive vocalization and house soiling when the pet is separated from the owner. These signs occur immediately following Read more
  • Why I became a veterinarian, how I did it, and why I love what I do
    Dr. Hansen outlines what it takes to be a veterinarian, why veterinarians are fantastic people, and why he loves being one of them. Read more
  • Halloween safety for your Pet
    Halloween is a fun time for children to get dressed up and get bags of candy. However, it can be a terrifying or dangerous time for your pet. Here are Read more
  • Pets in Costume
    One of the joys of my life is to see my two pugs in cute outfits.  I have a collection of dresses, jackets, shirts, and Halloween costumes for them.  Granted, Read more
  • I was a Client Before I was Office Manger
    My name is Tracey. This is my story of how I was a client and became an employee of A Caring Vet. Seven years ago my dog Harley had to Read more
  • Over a decade as a vet tech
    This is my story of how I became a veterinary technician over a decade ago. My love for animals has always been there, from my very first memories until now. Read more
  • Is My Pet Normal?
    Our pets sometimes do silly things that make us crack up at their expense. Keeping us amused is part of the reason why we love them so much. But has your animal Read more
  • A look into going to vet school
    September 2018 Twenty-six years ago, I started veterinary school at Purdue University in Indiana.  It was such a daunting adventure to say the least.  I would spend the next four years Read more
  • Hyperthermia or Heat Stroke
    The difference between heat stroke and hyperthermia Read more
  • 7 of the most common medical emergencies for your pet, and what to do about them
    Your pet is a living, breathing member of your family. Your dedication makes it heart-breaking to see your buddy suffer. This is especially true when you’re really worried that the Read more

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